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S.L.O.W. D.O.W.N… We’ll get there!

When I was 14 years old I wanted to be like my grandfather. He was big and strong and not afraid of anything in life. One day back then I was riding in his car with him and a car cut him off. He proceeded to get his blackjack out of his side door, sped up to chase the car honking his horn, raising his hand with the blackjack in it and cursing the entire time… You S.O.B., I’m gonna catch you and kick your ass. I loved his outlook on life… He did what he wanted to do and didn’t have a care in life about what people thought of him. At first, I was scared but then quickly figured out this was a how he reduced his stress in life and he did it frequently. I mean what’s the point of carrying a blackjack if he was never gonna use it. One time I asked him, Poppy (that’s what we called him), What are you gonna do to that person once you catch him? He said: Nothing, but I just want him to a little scared of what I might do to them.

As I got older and started to drive I thought that chasing people down was the thing to do because my grandfather taught me that was the thing to do. Unfortunately, those days are gone as road rage isn’t something I want to partake in. Loaded weapons are faster than a blackjack and it’s not worth getting into it with anyone. Now those people who drive crazy behind me are left to go around me as I just pull over and wave at them.

Everyone is always in a hurry these days.  S.L.O.W.   D.O.W.N.   We’ll get there!

We leave late for our destination so we think it’s okay to drive fast and expect people to get out of our way. In a speed limit where it’s says 70mph, going faster and driving erratically will not really get you there any faster. Just leave earlier and plan your road map of where you have to be. Turning left on a red light right before it turns green because you gotta get going might only cause an accident because the first car in line at that is also trying to go on green .001 seconds after the light turn green. Turn signals are put on cars for a reason… to use them.

Life is already moving way too fast, so why help it along by going a mile a minute

The person who says to you “I need that ASAP!”  A good response would be “I’ll get to it when I want to.” Just enjoy life! Do what you want with whom you want and when you want. If all of your tasks aren’t done today… they will be there tomorrow.

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Rick Gosser

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