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Let it go people… LIFE IS TOO SHORT! FoCuS on LIFE.

If I got angry every time I saw something I didn’t like… it would consume my life! I just have the right mindset to let it go. I used to get mad when people were following me in their car too close for my own comfort and I slowed down just to make them mad. I thought that made me feel better, which in reality it mad the person behind me more angry. Now, I just pull off to the side of the road and wave at them! LIFE IS TOO SHORT!

So many people say “BE KIND.” Instead, I “DO KIND”. I actually take it one step further by taking action and “DO” something for someone to make them feel better about themselves. Everyone can BE KIND, but not everyone will DO KIND, because it takes effort and time to actually DO SOMETHING. It could be a small task: opening the door for someone, let them change lanes driving down the highway, buying them a cup of coffee. Some things take more time like babysitting their children for a day (if you’re a grandparent). Whatever someone does for you, remember to say THANK YOU! That’s FREE!

Focus on Life! You can only control YOURSELF! Trying or attempting to make people do what you want them to do, just won’t work. It just causes life fighting.

I personally have to try and be better to the people around me. Being nasty to someone doesn’t really make me feel better, it just causes anger in myself and the other person.

We are all living in trying times right now and being extra nice to people requires thought, prayer and effort. It’s easy to get angry that we can’t do our normal work and fun things in life now, but that isn’t worth it. Let it go! Fill your day with things that make us all happy. I started going back to church in person June 2022. I recently got approved to join a new church.

I have been cross stitching for years now which I enjoy. I even got out my colored pencils during Covid and did a picture. I’ve been doing paint-by-number projects too. I get outside and walk because that too makes me feel better and it helps me stay fit.

Try something different now that you’ve always wanted to do! Sitting and watching the news on TV all day will drive you crazy and it’s depressing!

Talk / Text / Email me… Anytime.

Rick Gosser

talk or text  219-808-9888



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