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WINNING vs Losing!

At a young age, children learn about winning and losing . As an adult we understand that some things in LIFE are about winning or losing and some are not. I have the philosophy that I’m a WINNER in LIFE regardless of what happens.

As a sports fan, someone or some team wins and one loses. That’s how sports rolls. With March Madness college basketball starting this week for both the men and women, it’s all about who has the most points at the end of the game. The winner moves into the next round and the loser goes home. In 3 weeks there be a Men’s Champion and a Women’s Champion. That’s winning!

I “WIN” in LIFE everyday.because I do things that make me a winner in my own eyes and that’s all that matters to me. I do things in life that make me happy.

1.) I travel with my wife of 43 years because we can. We actually plan out our vacations way in advance. We are spontaneous in some things we do in life, but when it comes to taking vacations, we actually do take them.

2.) I watch grandkids 3-days a week because it started 7 years ago with our oldest granddaughter, so as more grandkids came so did my kid watching. Some days I watch 5 grandkids because I can. It makes me happy when grandkids are in my house.

3.) I’ve been umpiring baseball and softball for 5 years now because I can. It makes me happy when I see players smiling, laughing and having fun. As an umpire we call the game like we see it and to us it doesn’t matter who wins or loses

4.) I give blood every 56 days to the American Red Cross because I can. It makes me happy when I make the appointment to go give, while I am there and when I get the email that they sent me blood to someone who needed it.

Remember to DO what YOU can that makes YOU HAPPY!

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Rick Gosser

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