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Why do we want everything FAST?

Life doesn’t always have to be in the FAST lane! Move over and get out of the FAST lane. 

We all get ready FAST in the morning. We all drive FAST to work. We all want other people to get out of our way FAST because we gotta be somewhere FAST. We all work FAST at work to get accomplished all that we can. We all eat breakfast, lunch and dinner FAST. We all drop our kids off at daycare FAST. We all want our computers to operate FAST. We all try to type FAST. We all try to talk FAST. We all want instant FAST answers on our phones. We all want Amazon to deliver FASTER than they already do. We all want to watch tv shows FAST ie: FAST forward through the commercials. We all want the grocery line to go FAST. We all want service people at our homes to work FAST. We all want other people to do things FAST, especially our co-workers or employees. We all scroll FAST because really what are we looking for anyways? We all want our doctors to go FAST. We all want sporting events, concerts or musicals to be over FAST. We all want our surgeries to go FAST. We all want out vehicle gas to pump FASTER. We all want people to be on-time because we have something else FAST to do. We all want the pastor on Sundays to preach FASTER. We all want to read something FAST. We all want the plane to fly FASTER. We all want to mow our lawns FAST. We all want to exercise FAST. We all want to sleep FAST to get up and do it all over again. We all do everything FAST.

Take a step back and… slow down and go a little slower because it will all get done. SLOWER is the new FAST! I’m one to live in the FAST lane and live on the edge. But, today I begin the new FAST… SLOW down a little! Picture life as a garden… you plant the seeds in the spring and when God has decided it’s to time eat the fruits of labor, the vegetables or fruits appear and we enjoy them. Enjoy everyday is a little SLOWER mode!  Enjoy life, tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Talk / Text / Email me… Anytime.

Rick Gosser

talk or text  219-808-9888



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