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How DO You DO or BE?

I’m all about DO instead of BE!

I’m quickly reminded of a few good DO things that come to my mind:

 “The Golden Rule”: DO unto others as you would have them DO unto you. – Luke 6:31

DO these 3 things everyday of your living life, Laugh, Think, Have your emotions moved to tears – Jim Valvano

People don’t burnout because of what they DO, they burnout  because life makes them  forget why they DO it!

DO KINDNESS. DO LOVE. 365/24/7. It doesn’t take practice. DO IT.

DO something everyday to lift up another person in your life! Life is precious!

DO vs BE:

I see so many people say BE something. There is a huge difference between BE and DO. Everyone can BE Kind, but try to DO KIND. BE kind is for those people who want to pay it forward but never DO. DO kind is those that actually DO IT! I should have opened that door for the person entering a store as opposed to just open the door. DO IT!

The pure thought of DOING something for people without even thinking about what to do. It was just come to you as you go throughout your day.

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Rick Gosser

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