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Keep BEES Alive!

#igotaguyforeverythingneeded again… NEVER SPRAY your bees and kill them, always look for and find your local honey be farm. They will come and get them. Look at this swarming bee 🐝 nest I found on one of my trees this morning.

Brian the Bee Man (who was amazing) was smiling from ear-to-ear when I drove to his house and told him about the bees 🐝 He was at my house in less than 10-minutes and took my bees. Capture the Queen!!! A Queen 🐝 is worth lots and lots of money to him. He said “Never spray, always call. He took them and wanted zero money in return. He said they are dormant now and won’t sting but I wanted nothing to do with them. He only asked that I keep buying his honey. Buy Local Honey 🍯 Mis-Bee Havin Bee Farm is located in Crown Point, Indiana. He has a help yourself pay cart for honey. Got a bee nest? Message me and I’ll give you Brian the Bee Man’s phone number!

If you aren’t near Crown Point, Indiana and you find swarming bees… KEEP THEM ALIVE, NEVER SPRAY TO KILL THEM, always contact your local bee farm so that they can come and get them.

Talk / Text / Email me… Anytime.

Rick Gosser

talk or text  219-808-9888



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