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  • How DO You DO or BE?

    I’m all about DO instead of BE! I’m quickly reminded of a few good DO things that come to my mind:  “The Golden Rule”: DO unto others as you would have them DO unto you. – Luke 6:31 DO these 3 things everyday of your living life, Laugh, Think, Have your emotions moved to tears…

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  • Why do we want everything FAST?

    Life doesn’t always have to be in the FAST lane! Move over and get out of the FAST lane.  We all get ready FAST in the morning. We all drive FAST to work. We all want other people to get out of our way FAST because we gotta be somewhere FAST. We all work FAST…

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  • WINNING vs Losing!

    At a young age, children learn about winning and losing . As an adult we understand that some things in LIFE are about winning or losing and some are not. I have the philosophy that I’m a WINNER in LIFE regardless of what happens. As a sports fan, someone or some team wins and one…

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  • Take Vacations, Plan Ahead! Make Time.

    Some people never go on a vacation. They say they don’t have money for that. We all work hard and deserve vacations. If you don’t plan them and book them somewhere, at the end of the year you will have never gone anywhere. Many vacations don’t have to cost a lot of money or any…

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  • Let it go people… LIFE IS TOO SHORT! FoCuS on LIFE.

    If I got angry every time I saw something I didn’t like… it would consume my life! I just have the right mindset to let it go. I used to get mad when people were following me in their car too close for my own comfort and I slowed down just to make them mad.…

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  • S.L.O.W. D.O.W.N… We’ll get there!

    When I was 14 years old I wanted to be like my grandfather. He was big and strong and not afraid of anything in life. One day back then I was riding in his car with him and a car cut him off. He proceeded to get his blackjack out of his side door, sped…

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  • Grateful, 365 days a year.

    When I think of what I am grateful for, the list is honestly endless. Gratitude is a fullness of life. The ability to see gratitude and everything – whether good or bad – is freeing. It brings the whole process of gratitude full circle, allowing us to learn and be full of gratitude in ways…

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